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Creative Studio

Creative Studio

ANNONYM is a creative studio merging design thinking, pristine craftsmanship and timeless branding. Our aim is to create concepts and objects that stand the test of time. Be it for the brands we consult for or the objects we make, we always try to think out of the box to produce one-of-a-kind work.

Raison d'être

CREATION is at the heart of everything we do. This is why the studio works as a hive.
For each project we do, we put together a specific team of doers and thinkers from different fields to trigger cross pollination…until we find the BIG IDEA.


We are there for clients who want to innovate.
From big corporate companies (LOREAL, NESTLE), to agencies (KAOS, MAFIA) or designers in the fields of branding and product design.
We have built brand strategies, product concepts and names (Stellars for Helena Rubinstein, Sensational for Maybelline, Nespresso Capsules). Designed unique websites and logos.
A sample of our work is available upon request.


ANNONYM is a collective of talented creatives based all over the world. We operate like a hive: we fly all over the world, exchange ideas, share and ultimately create.
For each client we allocate a dedicated team to ensure a tailor-made service. Each of our team members is at the forefront of its own practice but believes in the power of the collective. Net net, we think that the sum is bigger than the sum of its parts.

The Brand Guru

_Board member of a global beauty brand.
_Creative director at an advertising agency.
_Teacher at La Sorbonne & London Business School.
_Founder of ANNONYM. Ticked.

The Creative

_Artistic director at an advertising agency.
_Freelancer for Winkreative.
_Artist represented by a London art gallery.
_In love with a Cypriot. Ticked.

The Photographer

_Professional Photographer.
_Producer of unforgettable images.
_Reknown blogger.
_German accent. Ticked.

The Geek

_Founder of a web agency.
_Digital Consultant for large-scale companies.
_Video maker for music networks.
_In love with a Brit. Ticked.

The Artisans

Marble Carver. Leather Shaper. Paper Maestro. Each of our artisans learnt their craft in childhood and despite being recognised in their field and having earned the respect of all, they still make each piece themselves by hand. Simply because they believe in what they do.


Monologue London
93, Redchurch Street
London E2 7DJ
United Kingdom


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Contact Us

Paris / 0033611024332
Instagram: @annonym_official


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